About Farmer Jon's Organics

About Farmer Jon's Organics

Jon RussellAugust 17, 2019

Farmer Jon's Organics has been in the making for a long time! 

Jon Russell has been a vegetable growing enthusiast for most of his life, so the idea of growing organic vegetables for the local community felt like the perfect venture! 

With modern farming practices taking a huge toll on our fragile environment through the use of pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals, NZ soil is becoming more and more infertile with each harvest. This means that in the future, if nothing changes, we will struggle to grow crops, and therefore the global food supply will be reduced. Organic farming practices regenerate the soil, which makes it more fertile and much healthier, and therefore providing us with excellent crops year after year. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to switch to organic food. We will provide more information on this in the future, as its certainly an important topic!

We are a family run business, with Jon growing the vegetables and his wife helping out when she's not working on the local ambulance, whilst their daughter fulfils marketing and administration tasks. If you come to our farmers markets, you will see at least one of us there!

We are so looking forward to meeting you all and providing you with brilliant, delicious fresh vegetables! We have been testing them out for the past 3 years, whilst the farm was in its conversion to organic period, and we were so impressed at the difference that fresh organic vegetables provide compared with supermarket vegetables. 

Now that our farm is certified organic, we are almost ready to start selling! Keep an eye out for market dates on our social media page, or by signing up to our email newsletter! 

We look forward to seeing you soon!