If you're looking to stock great quality, organic vegetables in your supermarket, then you're in luck! 

Here at Farmer Jon's, we want to provide not only our local farmers markets with our produce, but would love for the rest of NZ to sample what true organic food really tastes like! 

With organic foods becoming more and more popular, and consumers waking up to the fact that pesticides can be dangerous to their health, now is a great time to start considering selling organic produce in your supermarket. 

Once consumers are aware that your supermarket is stocking a large range of great quality, certified organic fruit and vegetables, your customer numbers will see an increase consistent with the rising level of organic conscious consumers.

We welcome visitors to our farm, so if you're interested in selling our produce, please get in touch, and we can give you the grand tour. Imagine being able to tell your customers that you visit the farms where these veges are grown - This provides your supermarket with the ever-popular image of a provider of sustainable, locally sourced produce - something that unfortunately isn't very common at this stage.

If you're interested, please get in contact with us via our Contact Us page. 


Farmer Jon