Why Organic?

Great Question! 

You've come to the right place if you're looking to move to an Organic diet! 

We 100% believe that an organic diet is the way to go for longevity, improved health and prevention of certain diseases. 

Due to our modern intensive farming practices, and overuse of our precious land, our soil is no longer as mineral or nutrient rich as it once was. This means that the fruit and vegetables we now eat are no longer providing us with enough of the fabulous nutrition that we need to thrive. 

With so many people facing deficiencies and disease these days, it comes as no surprise to learn that our food is not supporting our bodies in the way that it should be. 

Have you noticed that sometimes when purchasing non-organically grown fruits and vegetables, they have very little flavour compared to what they used to? Perhaps even their colour is not as vibrant. This is an example of how our produce is lacking in the nutrients that it once boasted. 

One way to combat this, is by supporting organic farmers, due to our more caring and sustainable approach to growing, which helps the soil to regenerate and crops to flourish.

Another benefit of eating organic produce is being able to wave goodbye to synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, that leach into the produce via the soil. You cannot simply just wash these chemicals off with water. 

Pesticides are becoming progressively more harmful, as insects and pests are building resistance to them. Pesticides are a well-known carcinogen and environmental agressor, so why would you want to eat them?